Friday, April 20, 2007

Interfictions and the comic-book world

Interfictions author Rachel Pollack will be appearing on Mon., April 30 at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in New York City. She's moderating a very cool event titled "Interstitiality and the Comic Book Indsutry," featuring Publishers Weekly comics chief Calvin Reid, New York art curator Jason Little, Del Rey manga director Dallas Middaugh, and indie bookstore buyer Jessica Stockton. 6:30 p.m. (Doors open at 6:15.) Free admission!

(Also note: There's a related event the prior week -- that's this coming Monday, April 23. "Interstitiality and the Creative Artist" features comics artist Megan Kelso of the New York Times Sunday Magazine, Colleen AF Venable of Fluff in Brooklyn, DC Comics writer Doselle Young, and feminist science-fiction critic and award-winning young-adult novelist Justine Larbalestier. Also 6:30, also free.)

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Ellen said...

Last night was a dream panel: Moderator Justine Larbelestier kept the conversation smart, lively & provocative-but-not-evil, and panelists Doselle Young, Megan Kelso & Colleen Venable caught every ball she threw and batted it about like the world's best-informed and most articulate puppies!

The audience loved it all, and asked great questions at the Q&A. The folks at MoCCA loved it, too, and seem very eager to continue the affiliation with IAF with more programs in future. Enthusiastic first-timers for IAF in the audience included Ian Randal Strock, editor of, and a columnist from a Comics blog who will let me know when his writeup is online. We also raffled off a free copy of INTERFICTIONS.

The panel was so interesting that everyone including several panelists said they'd be back next week to hear Rachel Pollack take on the Industry!

Finally, major kudos to IAF/MoCCA committee Gina Gagliano & WG members Liz Gorinsky & Carol Burrell for organizing both panels.